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Mineral dietary supplement for daily calcium requirements, in sports, for arthrosis and osteoporosis

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12 x Artros No.1 Vital (12 x 90 capsules)

Artros No.1 Vital consists of calcium carbonate and trace elements from the egg shell (Gallus gallus domesticus = domestic chicken)

This is a pure natural product.

Artros No.1 Vital supports the bones and blood formation based on the activation of the osteo-haematopoietic system, whereby bone and joint stability are increased on the one hand, and physical performance increased on the other due to the increased oxygen transport.

In osteoporosis/osteoarthritis it inhibits the progression of the degenerative bone/joint disease and significantly reduces the osteoporosis/osteoarthritis-related stress-induced pain.

Osteoporosis is the term used to refer to the loss of bone density, bone structure and therefore bone stability, as well as the resulting increased risk of bone fractures.

Due to the ideal calcium-to-phosphorus ratio it supports the normalization of the acid-base balance and also protects the kidneys.

The history of Artros No.1 Vital begins as an old folk remedy that uses powdered egg shell (Putamen ovi), for which reliable industrial production processes were developed about 70 years ago for the first time.

Not all calcium is the same

The following quotation of a principle coined by doctors and alternative practitioners at the beginning of the 20th century is based on an empirically recognised fact:

“For genuine lime therapy, organic lime is required, namely a lime that has already been absorbed by a plant or animal.”

More than just minerals

The product Artros No.1 Vital contains Putamen ovi.

It is therefore the direct preparation of the egg shell and, in addition to calcium, contains smaller amounts of other vital inorganic and organic substances:

as well as enzymes, porphyrin, sterols, vitamin D3
and finally the trace elements

If one compares the composition of bones and the egg shell of the domestic chicken, one finds a strikingly similar composition of minerals and trace elements, as well as certain organic compounds such as mucopolysaccharides.

Although, in contrast to bone, the egg shell is hard tissue that is external to the body, it should not come as a surprise that the substances are identical, as during the embryonic phase, minerals and trace elements are provided from the matrix of the egg shell to the skeletal system of the developing chick.

After all, the development of the chick is comparable to that of mammals in terms of osteoneogenesis.

Bioavailability of calcium

Precisely because this preparation is not exclusively concerned with the absorption of calcium, it is of importance why the bio-availability of calcium is reduced in cases of digestive weakness (especially sub-acidity), but the solubility of the calcium compound concerned in the gastric acid is ultimately not the decisive factor.

The decisive factor is the binding to accompanying substances

In contrast, the calcium uptake from foodstuffs is mainly determined by the accompanying substances.
For example, the calcium that is bound in kale has a greater level of bio-availability than the equivalent amount of calcium from milk or calcium carbonate.

Artros No.1 Vital is produced in a patented process and is GMP-certified.

Therapeutic indications

At first glance, the therapeutic indications stated by the producer appear to be quite common for a calcium preparation.

bone development disorders, impaired bone marrow function and haematopoiesis, osteoporosis, tooth build-up disorders, spasmophilia
bone fracture, callus formation
lime deficiency symptoms during growth, pregnancy and lactation
On closer inspection, however, there are two interesting points that catch the eye:

blood formation disorders and spasmophilia
This expresses an understanding of those inter-relationships that are otherwise rarely mentioned.

These two indications implicitly identify the preparation as a general female remedy:

Cramps are among the classic symptoms of dysmenorrhoea and increased haematopoiesis requirements are a regular feature of the female body.

This is also the reason for the clinically positive effect upon the onset

of menopausal symptoms, as well as osteoporosis protection in the post/menopause.

The osteo-haematopoietic unit

It is therefore also worth mentioning that compared to Artros No.1 Vital, pure calcium carbonate does not significantly stimulate the haematopoietic activity of the bone marrow.

In cases of osteomalacia or osteoporosis-like damage it was possible for

Artros No.1 Vital to increase both the erythrocyte count and the haemoglobin content by more than 40 % after several compared to calcium carbonate.

For the undisturbed haematopoietic function of the red bone marrow,

more than just a structural quality of the bone therefore appears to be necessary.

Stability gain higher than the increase in the mineral content

A further result of the experimental comparison test between Artros No.1 Vital and pure calcium carbonate shows how important the other ingredients in addition to the calcium are.

In comparison to pure calcium carbonate, the following increases were found:

calcium content by approx. 22 %
phosphorus content by 12 %
bone strength by more than 80 %
These figures convincingly indicate that with the egg shell, the bone strength increases almost three-fold compared to the sum total of the incorporated bone-building materials.

Recommended intake for adults

Take one capsule three times a day with sufficient liquid together with a meal.

The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Composition and Nutritional Values
100 g    Daily portion/3cps.

Calcium           22.8 g                      518 mg

Calorific value 552 kJ                      12 kJ

131 kcal                    2.9 kcal

Protein              13.8 g                       0.3 g

Carbohydrates 22.2g                       0.5 g

Fat                       < 1 g                   < 0.1 g

68.2 g (90 capsules)

Produced in Germany

Keep out of the reach of small children!
Store in a cool and dry place!
Best before if properly stored: See bottom

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